The producers

The producers who adhere to the agricultural cooperative have to respect precise specifications in order to ensure a durable quality for the products available in our shop :

  • No purchase/resale operations: the producer only sells what he is producing
  • Respect of the seasonality and of the local natural cycles
  • Strong action for the environment with local and responsible farming

This ethics explain for instance why you can’t find tomatoes in March, or strawberries when it is not the season.

The shop

These individual commitments are also reflected at the collective scale. The Hop’la shop integrates many alternative solutions in order to control its energy consumption and not to have negative impact on the environment. In order to offer you an optimum price/quality ratio, the entire Hop’la team tastes and validates each product before marketing it in the shop. We also pay a particular attention to the quality of the reception and thus privilege communication and proximity in a modern and authentic environment. Our clients’ well-being is one of our top priorities from the moment they enter the shop to the time they eat our products. Buying Hop’la farming products is also implying those who wish to have a more responsible consumption and supporting a global system based on three axes:

  • Developing the local economy
  • Preserving the environment
  • Increasing the well-being: quality products, proximity, advising, trust and transparency.